Since the algorithms instalenty ordered our posts to live for a long time and give out to subscribers only that which is relevant from the point of view of Instagram itself (it is necessary somehow to introduce advertising), more businesses and bloggers go to Storyz and live. Perhaps that’s why the main updates touched exactly these sections of the social network.

But let’s start in order.

on Instagram, you can now make joint live broadcasts. To somehow diversify the already tired experience of watching and running live broadcasts, Instagram decided to please us with new features – now you can add friends to the live broadcast.

A useful function for those who are bored with boredom alone. And if without jokes, a good feature for increasing coverage and involvement. Write your thoughts on this in the comments.
Novelty number two – on Instagram Stories you can now do surveys. A holiday to increase involvement for bloggers and marketers, honestly!

Smoothly go to the news from Facebook, here, too, was not without innovations. The first two news are about Messenger.

Following the rest of the messengers, Facebook introduced the function of transferring money (via PayPal). Now money can be transferred to a personal or a chat with all participants – for example, on birthdays, tickets and everything that it is not a shame to ask friends and acquaintances. Practically ready kraut funding tool, yes.

Another news about Messenger. Facebook collects the wait list among businesses that want to use Messenger as a chat plug-in on the site. At the same time, judging by the number of fully-featured features that the FB allows you to attach to the Messenger, your customers should definitely like it.

I personally would screw the bot-salesman (I even without jokes already have a self-made template for e-commerce), and otherwise the set of charms depends on the goals of your business.

Facebook in the testing mode threw out absolutely all posts of public pages from user tapes in a number of countries, in particular in Slovakia. Now in the tape there are only publications from friends and advertising, and posts from the pages should be searched in the section Explore.

This sad news certainly can not please owners of business pages (free delivery of posts and so fell to a minimum), but at least gives us the opportunity to be fully prepared for the upcoming changes (to plan an increase in the advertising budget, for example).

It is still unknown whether Facebook is going to introduce a new algorithm everywhere, but it’s very similar.
Slovak media complained of falling Facebook coverage four times due to new tape tests

The company has left in the main tape of local users only the publication of friends and advertising.
The journalist of the Slovak edition of Dennik N, Filip Struhárik, in his blog on Medium drew attention to testing a new algorithm for forming a Facebook tape. Because of the social network experiments, the number of interactions with the pages of 60 local media in Facebook fell four times, he argues.

Experiment Facebook is associated with the appearance of a new tape with recommendations (Explore). The creators of the social network moved to her the records of all the public pages to which the users are subscribed, leaving only ads and publications of friends in the main tape.

Thus, to view records from the media and other public pages, users need to switch to an additional Explore tape. Publications from the media can get into the main tape only with the help of advertising, writes Strukharik.

“Some users discovered the changes a few weeks ago, but for most of the experiment began after the launch of the Explore tape on August 19. Administrators of several Facebook pages said that after the launch of the experiment their covers fell by two-thirds”, – writes Strukharik.

A Facebook representative told Struharik that the social network is testing a new tape algorithm in six countries – in Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Serbia, Bolivia, Guatemala and Cambodia. The experiment has not yet affected much of the large media, which have a strong core of readers, but small sites have already recorded a drop in the number of visitors, he added.

Facebook announced the launch of the Explore tape in the desktop version of the social network on October 19, 2017, before that additional tape was tested in mobile applications. According to the description, it includes events, groups, pages and other content in Facebook, which is not included in the user’s mainstream.

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