7 effective ways to increase the number of “likes” in Facebook

Do you want the “likes” of the pages of your brand in Facebook to bring you real deals, and do not play the role of another useless puzomerka? Then take the “likes ” marks as a signal that a real user sends you. By clicking the Like button, a person says that he is ready to receive information from you. In other words, it connects to your information channel.

The Facebook brand page allows you to deliver business information to consumers without imposing. This information channel allows you to interact with customers in the intervals between purchases. This helps to keep consumers and form a community.

Below you will find recommendations that will help you increase the number of “likes” of the page of your brand in “Facebook”.

Method #1: change the “likes” for the opportunity to participate in surveys and voting

Polls and voting are one of the easiest ways to attract the attention of Facebook users and make them “idle” your page. Most applications for creating surveys on Facebook, for example, Facebook Poll (free) or Wishpond (paid, but there is a free trial period) have a convenient option: they allow you to participate in the vote and become acquainted with its results only after the user marks ” like. ”

This function works like this: when you try to visit the polling page, the user sees a splash screen with the invitation text and the Like button. By putting “like”, the user can vote, study and comment on the results of the survey.

The Wishpond application allows you to select a standard picture for the splash screen or upload your own one. Also, you create the text for the screen saver yourself. In fact, this is a landing page, which should generate conversions.

Method #2: give discounts for “likes”

Discount coupons are one of the most effective tools for attracting audiences. Offering a small discount to the buyer, the seller reduces his profits. However, it is almost guaranteed to increase the number of transactions.

Giving coupons to Facebook potential customers, you can simultaneously solve two tasks. First, you will stimulate sales through discounts. Secondly, you will get many “likes ” marks. To do this, simply exchange coupons for “likes”.

This can be done using Facebook Coupon App applications and Group Offers App. The first allows you to create personal discount coupons, which are activated with the “likes ” mark. The second allows you to activate the discount after joining a certain number of people to the action. The applications are paid, but there is a free trial period.

Method #3: Offer e-books for “likes “

Often exclusive content, designed as an e-book, attracts users more than discounts. If you work in the B2B segment, books, white paper and other educational content can bring you hundreds of “likes” and new customers.

Usually brands create for e-books a special landing page on the corporate site. Having landed on such page, the potential client should specify some data about itself. After that, he gets the opportunity to download a book.

To increase the number of likes, you can create a conversion form directly on your Facebook brand page. This can be done with the free Wufoo application. This application allows you to create landing pages and publish them as a separate tab on the brand page on Facebook.

Method #4: get “likes” with Facebook ads

Advertising on Facebook is one of the easiest ways to get the “likes ” tags. You can target your ads by choosing an audience based on demographics and interests. Also, you can show ads to subscribers or customers whose email addresses are in your contact database.

Remember that Facebook advertising is different from contextual advertising in search engines. The user sees contextual ads when looking for specific information related to your field of activity. Relatively speaking, it is ready to buy, so contextual advertising generates many transactions.

A potential customer sees your ad on Facebook when they view the news feed. He is not going to buy. To attract the attention of such a user, you must offer him valuable or interesting information. As noted above, this could be educational content, discounts, or the ability to participate in surveys.

To get “likes “, select the advertisement in the right column. This option allows you to show ads only to users who have not yet “jumped” your page. Ads in the right column include the “Like” button, which increases the effectiveness of advertising.

If you are advertising a Facebook page to receive “likes”, use the appropriate call to action. Create a CTA using the formula “put like to get z”. As the variable z, you can use the above discounts, surveys or e-books.

Advertising on Facebook can attract users to landing pages, designed as a tab page of the brand. This allows you to receive “likes” pedantic users who are not ready to use the “Like” button in the ad, because they want to first read your page.

Method #5: add the “like” button or Facebook social plugin to the site

The social Facebook plugin or the “Like” button is a good alternative to the form of subscribing to an Email-list. They allow visitors to your site to put “like” without visiting your business page in the largest social network in the world.

Plugin Like Box is one of the most efficient “likes” for brand pages. First, you can add it to the site within one minute. Secondly, it does not spoil the appearance of the pages. You can change the appearance of the widget to adapt it to the design of your site. Third, if your site is visited by a user logged in to Facebook, the plug-in shows him photos of friends who have already “licked” your page.

To install a “live box”, visit this page on Facebook, select the necessary settings, get the code and paste it into the site code.

Method #6: add a “Like” button to the site’s helper

Place the “Like” button in the site’s header. Better if the button is in the right or upper left corner of the page. This button will not bring you hundreds of “likes” within a few days. However, it will consistently collect the “likes ” marks.

Publish next to the button a simple call to action. Remember the formula “put like to get z.” To install the button, visit the Facebook page, select the necessary settings, get the code and paste it into the site code.

Method #7: change the “likes” for access to exclusive video

Records of industry conferences, webinars, interviews, trainings always attract the attention of users. Why not sell this content for “likes “? You can publish the video on a separate tab page of the brand in Facebook. You can access it using the Wufoo application mentioned above.

In order for this method to work, you must meet two conditions. First, the video should be really exclusive and useful for users. Secondly, the audience should learn about the existence of this content. To achieve this, use Facebook advertising.

The Miami Heat basketball club created the Fan Zone tab on the Facebook page, where it publishes exclusive videos. Access to the fan zone is only open to users who “licked” the club page.
How to collect “likes ”

Do not expect that your page will quickly receive thousands of “likes”. Tons of “likes” a day receive only movie stars and cheaters. If you do not belong to one of these categories, stock up on patience. Use the methods described above to steadily get “likes” from users who are really interested in your page.

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