How to get famous on Instagram? How to attract many followers?

We are sure, you also ask yourself: why do some Instagram profiles have 20,000 followers, while others have only 20? What makes us subscribe and follow up some accounts, and on others mentally put on the blacklist?
What is the corporate style on Instagram (and not only)?
The secret of attractiveness is very simple. The most popular accounts have a pronounced corporate identity. Brand identity of the brand, blogger or the account itself.

Note that your instagram account:

  • creates a strong first impression, shows your features
  • reveals individuality and helps to remember you as a brand (or your brand)
  • creates a holistic picture in the visitor’s head
  • Adds recognition and value to your brand
  • helps attract new followers

Let’s now talk about how to create your corporate identity on Instagram, what elements it consists of and, of course, consider the examples.

First of all, let’s consider the style of visual content, because the pictures on Instagram are our everything. The pictures should attract so that the visitor has an interest in your profile.

What elements are the corporate style

Visual elements of corporate identity:


The logo gives recognition to your pages and photos, but not only. With the help of the logo you can protect the photo from theft by pirates (although they still steal, but less). Another logo reminds your subscriber that in the tape he sees your photo. So – the logo enhances the brand recognition.

To attract attention to your photos, try to place the logo creatively, with imagination. Then you can create a wow effect and enhance interaction with subscribers. This is our main goal, right?

An example is a small store from Instagram, in which the logo is used as an element of the composition in the photo. Recognizable + creative = wow!


Fonts are a big separate topic. In this post, I want to pay attention to the fact that you should choose 1-3 branded fonts for signatures to your photos and use them only. Duplicate fonts create the most complete picture for your reader.

How it works, you can see on the examples on popular instagram accounts. All of them are in one style: b / w, calligraphic art and contain citations. This approach gives the style and integrity of the profile.
All names of themes and news of the store are written in the same font. and in the same style. Agree, it greatly simplifies the perception of information.

Color spectrum

The color scheme is another important element of your corporate identity on Instagram. The color scheme can not only attract or repel visitors, but also greatly affects the overall perception of your page.

If most of the photos are made in a single color scheme, this creates an effect of integrity and gives an attractive appearance to your profile. Of course, this effect can be achieved a bit complicated, if you make posts on different topics (for example, travel in different places) or conduct a page of the store (clothes in the photo will always be different).

But in these cases, you can find a way out. For example, you can shoot clothes on identical or similar backgrounds, as in this profile with children’s ornaments.

You can also choose the subject of photography so that the photos are mostly in one color scheme. For example – black and white, as in the profile of this designer.
Which solution is right for your page – choose you!

Photo filters

Do you often use filters to process your photos? This can be both the Instagram filters, and any other filters from the photo processing programs.

Look closely at how many filters you use in your photo-posts. If there are a lot of them and everything is different – this affects badly the visual perception of your profile.

To build a corporate identity on Instagram, it’s important not to overdo it: 1-3 filters are maximum, or none at all. Be consistent.

Composition + lighting

The composition is how the objects are placed on the photo. Lighting can be bright, muted or generally minimal. Composition and light create the corporate style of your Instagram, so use them with care. Test and choose a style that will make your account holistic and consistent.

The importance of the composition and its impact on the Instagram corporate identity is very well traced in food blogs. For example, in this blog we see mostly dark colors, dark backgrounds, muted lighting and contrasting objects. A few minutes of viewing is enough, and we have a common “firm” feeling about this profile.

And quite the opposite option – a blog about travel. There are so many bright colors and light colors. Just want to subscribe. And you?

About the corporate style for the photo talked. Let’s now give a little attention to how you communicate with readers – this is also part of your style.

Elements of corporate style in the texts

Texts, like pictures, can also become part of the corporate identity. Pay attention to how, about what and how often you write. Let’s look at the details.


The topic of the texts largely depends on what you write about in your Instagram blog. An important point, which is worth paying attention to – 80% of the text should be on the main topic. Then what you write about will be harmoniously combined with the main theme of your profile.

Yes, lyrical digressions are possible, but try to tie them to the main theme. For example, your profile about a healthy lifestyle, but I want to talk about spring? Talk about spring in the context of a healthy lifestyle – and the subject is observed, and the topic is revealed.


Humor may or may not be an element of your corporate identity. If you are good at joking (ie, interesting, beautiful, subtle) – quality humor can become a hallmark of your style. Your posts will be more recognizable and the regular reader will expect from you new funny stories.


The frequency of posting posts is also part of your corporate identity. Ideally, you can post 1-3 pictures with texts per day. This number does not load your subscribers and you get to their tape at different times of the day (gives good coverage).

But honestly, no one will decide what frequency you should appear in the tape better than you. In my subscription there are profiles that post posts from 1 time per day to several times a week. Find your ideal number of placements and stick to it. Your reader will get used to and will wait from your profile for a certain frequency of pictures.

The main thing – do not spam! Less is better, but better. I have repeatedly unsubscribed from blogs that host content in an unregulated amount.

Well, that’s all on the topic of how to create a corporate identity for your brand on Instagram. Maybe I did not reveal all the sides of this process? Then write your opinions in the comments and we will discuss what else is worth adding to this article.

Thank you for reading and see you soon!

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