How to collect a lot of friends on Facebook?

According to statistics, every user of the social network Facebook has an average of about 300 “friends.” In this case, Facebook itself allows users to have up to 5,000 friends. Many active users of Facebook are eager to get closer to this cherished figure. How do I collect a lot of friends on Facebook?

To begin with, it is not accidental that the word “friends” was taken by me in quotes: for the understanding of the word “friend” in social networks is not at all like in real life. The only thing that Facebook requires is that you send an invitation for “friendship” only to those people with whom you are familiar in offline. So, without forgetting the convention of this term, I will continue to write the word “friends” without quotes.

Before you start typing friends on Facebook, you need to formulate for yourself the purpose with which you will do it. From what you want to collect online friends around your profile, the target audience and your actions to attract it will depend. There can be three such goals.

Goals for recruiting friends on Facebook

1. Communication in a narrow circle of good friends and acquaintances, without strangers.

In this case, you need to take care to gather people around your Facebook profile with whom you are communicating or would like to resume communication (relatives, friends, acquaintances, classmates, classmates, former and current co-workers).

2. Blogging on Facebook.

A blog can be on any topic (art, politics, professional activity) or about everything in a row. In this case, you need to attract as friends and subscribers (followers) any people who are interested in what you are writing about.

As for your close friends and acquaintances, they will not always be interested in these publications. And hardly your profile in this case is suitable for close communication in a narrow circle.

3. Promoting any business, project, brand or page on Facebook.

This option is similar to the previous one. To promote anything through your personal profile, your friends and subscribers (followers) must represent a specific target audience (or audience) with very specific interests. And, again, it is unlikely that these interests will intersect with the interests of the majority of your real friends, relatives and other people from the inner circle. So you have to choose what is more important for you: the interests of your close friends or the project being promoted.

Here it is necessary to make a reservation that the problem of different interests in different categories of Facebook friends actually has its own solution. On Facebook it is possible to group friends into lists and make your publications visible only for friends from the list or for everyone, except for friends from the list (this is done in the visibility settings of the post). This option is possible, but perhaps not very convenient.

The method of SMM-promotion, based on the addition of users of social networks from among its target audience for further communication with them through inviting to communities and events, posting publications, writing personal messages, etc., is called frenching.

Friending is one of the free ways to promote in social networks. But do not forget that it takes a lot of time and limits your opportunities if paid promotion is not involved at all. Not to mention that the fact that, in fact, is a violation of the rules of using Facebook.

Now let’s move on to how to type friends in your Facebook profile. You can do this at once in many ways.

Ways to attract friends to Facebook

Send offers of friendship to people whose Facebook profiles offer you as people whom you may know.

Look, maybe there really are people you know who are in the target audience.

Invite friends from people from contacts in their mail accounts (including Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook email programs).

As a rule, in e-mail there are quite a lot of contacts, so there is someone to choose from.

How to get friends and likes on facebook?