Learn to photograph well

Popular profiles on Instagram are first and foremost qualitative beautiful shots. Be sure to think about how to improve your photo skills. For example, you can go online for a photo and immediately notice that your photos have attracted more attention and likes.

Start to add content regularly

The next important step is to start adding content (photo). Do this regularly – for example, 1-3 times a day. In order to attract the attention of subscribers, you must have at least 20-25 photos in your profile. The optimal interval between posting is about 4-6 hours (in time you will see what is right for your audience).

Post content regularly! So you will constantly remind your subscribers about yourself. It is also very important not to spam – even the most cool instagram profiles start to annoy when more than one photo appears in the tape in a row. Too many photos in a row is a sure way to lose subscribers.

If you have 2-3 class frames, plan their placement during the day (and in the interval between posting, think over the text to the photo).

Part two – attract attention

Hooray! If you have fulfilled all the conditions from the first section, then you have a pumped Instagram profile and it is completely ready to become popular.

Invite your friends

Let’s start with a simple one – think about your already existing friends and followers in other social networks. This is a “hot” audience that is familiar with you and will be happy to join your profile on Instagram. Invite your friends and do not forget to subscribe to their profiles in return.


Do not forget to use Instagram as a “repost”. You can repost your photos in such social networks as Facebook, Twitter (and others). Thanks to this function, you will attract additional attention to your profile, which means – new subscribers (for example, among new friends).

Connect the service of automatic promotion of Instagram profiles

Promotion Instagram takes a lot of time, it’s a fact. To save precious hours, you can use the services of automatic promotion. What it is?

These are special services that allow you to specify specific settings for selecting the target audience and start automatic actions designed to attract attention to your account, for example, likes, comments, subscriptions.

Such services take a small subscription fee, and in exchange they allow you to save time. Under this link you can try the service of automatic subscription Zengram and get a pleasant discount of 15% for any promotion package.

The main thing is to experiment a lot with the settings of the audience and look for the right options for interaction and you will succeed!


Hashtags are the foundation of Instagram. Do not forget to put the corresponding hashtags to your photos – so you get new visitors to your profile and new potential subscribers.

How many hashtag to the photo you want to put? Try to put no more than 11, if you put more – instagramery can perceive this as a cry of the soul and despair.

How to choose a hashtag for your photos? Try to mix both superpopular, and more narrow-headed hashtags. For example, you used the super popular #ststamood hashtag. In just 1 minute your photo will be lost in the stream of new posts and receive much less attention than the photo with the less popular hashtag.

The main tip is to try, test, and look at the results. Over time, you will have your list of acting hashtags.


One hashtag, however, will not be enough. In order to attract more attention to your Instagram profile, you need to find popular profiles in your subject and make a fuss of those who are subscribed to them. Yes, it will take a lot of time, and not everyone will subscribe to you in return. But in this way you will draw attention to your profile and become much more popular.


But that’s not all! For the best results, one subscription is not enough. Users of Instagrams do not like very much when someone subscribes to their profile – and that’s it. Many have already realized that this is just a way to attract attention (they are using spam accounts). So do not forget to comment and like the photos of your potential subscribers – the dialogue works much better than just subscribing.

Use the instabotom

So much time to make my Instagram pop, you say? One option is instbots. These are programs for automatic mass-massaging and commenting. They are not free, but if you decide to seriously engage in the promotion of your Instagram profile, and there is not much time to do this, try using their services. I promise to write a separate article on this topic.

Communicate with the followers

And most importantly – do not forget to communicate! Do not forget to say “thank you” or reply to comments to those who comment or like your photos. Do the same in response – and you will not even notice how your Instagram profile will become popular!

On this for today everything, I’m waiting for your questions and comments!

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