At what time is it best to post on Facebook?

One of the questions that SMM managers and administrators have when managing the pages on Facebook concerns the choice of the best time for publication of posts. Recommendations of experts on social networks look quite general and do not give a clear answer about this. Therefore, let’s consider the issue with the time of publication of posts in more detail.

Based on my experience of maintaining and promoting pages on Facebook, I can give the following tips.

Recommendations for the most effective use of publication time posts

1. Take into account the specifics of the audience of the community.

Choose the most optimal time for publication of posts, based on the characteristics of the audience page (occupation, mode of operation, gender, geography).

For example, if your main audience is housewives, then they will have a slightly different mode of active Facebook use than office workers. Well, the city in which the subscribers of your page live, determines the time zone, according to which you will need to schedule the publication of posts.

For example, an office worker can visit Facebook on this schedule:

  • In the morning after waking from sleep.
  • On the way to work in public transport.
  • Upon arrival at work before the start of the working day.
  • At lunch time.
  • At the end of the working day or at the end of the day.
  • On the way home from work.
  • Houses in the evening.

If your community is designed for audiences from different time zones (a page aimed at all regions of Russia, a Russian page for users from all CIS countries, a global English-language page, etc.), then it is necessary to distribute the publication time in such a way as to cover its subscribers as fully as possible.

2. Look at the page statistics on the number of subscribers online, depending on the day of the week and time of day.

To do this, you need to look in the “Publications” tab to see the inside tab “When fans are online”.

The number of subscribers within a week from day to day is unlikely to be significantly different. But the number of subscribers who are active throughout the day, changes much more noticeably. Therefore, it makes sense to write down the peaks of user activity for further analysis and use.

3. Publish posts when most subscribers are online.

The more subscribers of your page are now online, the more likely that some of them will see the post published at that time.

4. Test different publication times.

One of the key rules for the most effective promotion on Facebook is testing everything and everything. Each of its logical computation should not be taken for granted, but try to test and then draw conclusions.

I will say right away that the test results will often surprise you.

5. Publish posts at the same time.

Regular publication of posts at the same time allows you to accustom your subscribers to the regular consumption of your content, enables you to build relationships with your audience, increase recognition and loyalty, build your brand, etc.

Provided that subscribers regularly visit Facebook at any particular time, stable outlets at the same time increase the likelihood of regular interaction with the audience, not allowing subscribers to forget your brand.

6. Publish posts at different times.

The publication of posts strictly at the same time can be compared with the targeting of posts. After all, in this way you actually limit the visibility of publications for some specific part of the subscribers of the page.

Publication of posts at different times allows you to reach the majority of your subscribers. After all, their part can appear online at a very different time than when posts on your page usually go out.

Alternatively, you can re-publish posts in alternative watches that came out some time ago (but have not lost relevance). This will bring the information you need to a higher percentage of subscribers to your page and, at the same time, test a new publication schedule.

7. Publish posts on different days (including weekends).

If your standard frequency of publications on Facebook is once every few days, then you need to test different days for publications. It is possible, then you can find some optimal option (the best day for publications).

8. Try changing the frequency of publications.

Another parameter related to the maintenance of the page to be tested is the frequency of publications. For example, if you make one publication a day on a standard basis, then it makes sense to test both two or three publications a day, and one publication in two days.

More frequent publications can increase activity on your page and promote free promotion, including the flow of additional subscribers. Rare publications save time spent preparing and publishing content.
At the same time, sometimes testing shows that increasing the frequency of publications does not give the desired effect, and conversely, a decrease in the frequency of publications does not lead to significant losses in the effectiveness of posts.

9. Post posts at off-peak hours.

Another possibility for growth is testing the exit of posts at off-peak times (night, hours at the height of the working day). Sometimes it may turn out that this is the time that is effective enough for publications on your Facebook page. For example, because in off-peak time the number of posts from other pages decreases, and your audience is still quite active.

A separate case – with viral posts.

According to experience, the usual time of fasting is one or two days. But in the case of the popular post this statistic does not work: a very popular (viral) post can appear in the user’s tape for a few days or more. So, in the case of viral posts, publication time may not be of fundamental importance.

Also it is necessary to take into account this moment: will the post be further advanced?

If the post is not only displayed in a natural way (organically), but also promoted through advertising on Facebook, it will appear in the user’s tape for as long as you pay for it. So if the post is advertised, then again, the time of its initial release is unlikely to greatly affect its overall impact on Facebook users.

And the last.

This article was about the time of publication of posts on Facebook. As for the solution of the issue with the time of publication of posts in other social media, then each social network, of course, can have some of its nuances. Nevertheless, a number of the above recommendations are relevant for other social networks.

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