Pages and groups on Facebook: what’s the difference, and with what help is it better to move forward?

Many entrepreneurs who are starting to move forward on Facebook are confused or make the wrong decision about where to go. Let’s say, what are the differences between groups and pages, what is better to choose? Or, maybe on Facebook you need to create both a page and a group at the same time? Let’s try to put everything in its place.

Pages (let’s call them so far) can exist on Facebook in four varieties, between which there is a fundamental difference.

  • Types of “Pages” on Facebook
  • The personal profile.
  • Page (it’s a fan page or a business page).
  • Group.
  • Event.

Now let’s take a closer look at the purpose and main differences of the personal profile, pages, groups and events on Facebook.

Purpose of personal profile

Personal profile (profile, account) is intended, first of all, to communicate with friends.

With it, you can subscribe to pages and groups, put your likes, share, comment, make grades, etc. Thanks to the Facebook account, you can easily register in applications and various services, enjoy all the functionality of Facebook.

A personal profile can only represent a real person, but not a company or a mythical character. It is forbidden to use a personal profile for business purposes. This is its fundamental difference, and using a personal profile on Facebook for SMM-business promotion is one of the most serious mistakes and violations of the rules of using Facebook.

Sometimes, in a personal profile, you can make reposts of publications from your page, thereby contributing a little to increasing activity on it and promoting it. But I do not advise you to abuse this: it’s unlikely your friends will like this.

A personal profile on Facebook has an important advantage over pages. Publications on behalf of the personal profile (all other things being equal) are more likely to get into the tape for your friends (at least to those with whom you often interact) – if compared with some average post from a certain page, even if your friends are on her and signed. But this is still not an occasion for day and night to advertise in the profile of their projects: friends will perceive such posts as spam and simply unsubscribe.

It is on behalf of a personal profile that communities are created (pages and groups).

Purpose of the pages

Page is the main tool of Facebook for SMM-promotion of anything: business, ideas, entertainment, public and charitable organizations, art, science, personal brand, etc.

The name “fan page” is a reflection of the fact that one of the options for using the pages is a virtual fan club of an actor, singer, musical group, sports team, etc. Or even a fictional character.

There are a lot of tools on Facebook that make pages very effective for a wide range of tasks (attracting the target audience, increasing brand awareness, creating trust, selling, feedback, customer support, etc.). And constantly there are some new functions and “chips”.

Thus, it is the page that is the main, universal and most recommended format for promoting on Facebook (in a broad sense). This is its main purpose.

What are the groups on Facebook?

Purpose of groups

A group on Facebook is a kind of community designed to unite and communicate people according to a certain interest or principle.

In fact, the groups are not intended for any kind of promotion, business scaling and similar goals to “conquer” Facebook. Groups can not be advertised. Moreover, groups can be closed, that is, publications in them can be hidden from all people who are not members of the group.

To illustrate the difference between pages and groups, I will give a couple of examples.

A group of diving enthusiasts, to discuss some of their themes and plans, can join the group on Facebook. But the company that sells equipment for diving, it will be much more effective to register the page and to advance on Facebook through it. The same can be advised and travel agency, which offers tours for divers.

Or one more example.

The community, whose goal is to tell the readers how to get rich, is best done in the form of a page. And for businessmen who are on the Forbes list, if they wanted to unite to communicate on Facebook, the group would be best suited, and closed.

In general, I hope that now the difference between groups and pages on Facebook is fully understandable.

What are events on Facebook?

Purpose of events

The event is a simplified analogue of Facebook pages, which is also intended to promote something, but not on an ongoing basis, but on a project basis.

Through events, you can promote on Facebook concerts, movies, sports matches or competitions, trainings, exhibitions, presentations, seminars, etc., that is, events that are not held on a permanent basis but have a specific time frame. This is the main difference between pages and events.

That is, when you promote your business on Facebook as such, you create a page. If you want to promote a particular project, you can create an event, and use the page as one of the tools to attract visitors to the event.

Well, now that you know what the Facebook pages are different from the groups, and what the purpose of personal profiles, and the features of the events, you can choose which option (business page or group) is best for you to solve the current tasks, without repeating the mistakes of many entrepreneurs who take up SMM-promotion.

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